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It’s been roughly two months since my last update and I’ve found a few things out in that time.

  1. Two months goes by really fast when you aren’t tied down to a 9-5 schedule.
  2. Black mold sucks. Two sinus infections and a whole lot of sneezing later, we’ve finally moved out of our old dingy house in Costa Mesa. The move was right after one of the wettest winters I can recall, which in combination with terrible insulation, produced some pretty hazardous mildew/mold climbing up our walls.
  3. Moving isn’t nearly as bad when you give yourself a couple of weeks to do it, instead of saving all the work for the final weekend. We dropped off our keys early, conducted a final walkthrough and actually received our entire deposit back after 3+ years as residents… that’s a first for me.
  4. Being sick really kills momentum. On top of the sinus infections I also contracted some volatile flu strain that I’m pretty sure was government engineered. It put me in bed for a full week, and I’m still not 100%.
  5. Time – Direction = Lack of Motivation. Without the set schedule of a job I’ve got a lot of time on my hands now – unfortunately I have no idea what to do with it. This was unexpected and I’m just barely starting to learn how to budget and use my time. I think Wendy is a bit more practiced with this as she’s been pulling 14 hour art sessions to get her Etsy store up and running – the product lines are looking amazing.

As far as travel plans are concerned, those also sort of got lost in the shuffle. We still haven’t booked our tickets, but I’m not too concerned.

I’m more than willing to do this one day at a time and the more immediate travel plans have us headed for Austin, Texas to visit some old friends. Arizona will be a stop along the way and we plan on driving up to Vancouver and down through San Francisco on one of the most scenic return routes ever plotted. (Thanks for lending us the Prius, Mom)

As my energy is coming back and there is actual movement on the horizon, I promise to update this blog more often… famous last words of a blogger, I know.

You’ll just have to trust me.


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