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Our route.

Well we’ve pulled the trigger on our mini-quest and are on the road right now. Well not right now, that would just be reckless, but are departing from Wendy’s parents shortly.

Over the next 2-3 weeks we’ll be road tripping over 5000 miles through western US and parts of Canada in my mom’s Toyota Prius, which we swapped the jeep out for. I already feel less prepared for the end times but at least I’ll save around $700 in gas.

Our first stop on the trip is to see some family in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll only be there for the night but I’m looking forward to few hours of debate over current events and speaking to one another in Will Ferrell movie quotes nonetheless.

The next destination will be Austin, TX, with a stop in Roswell, NM along the way to see some aliens. I’ve only been to Austin once before and Wendy has never been, but we’re really looking forward to feasting on delicious BBQ with some dirty hippies. I have faith in our host to make it happen. And of course there are a handful of old friends I can’t wait to see again.

After Austin is where things get a little muddy. We’ll be making a diagonal cut back across the western half of the states, through Utah, and up into Vancouver, Canada. Neither of us have ever been across the northern border, but we hear they’ve got great cafes up there. So far, the only research we’ve done on getting there is agonizing over the length of the little blue line on MapQuest (above).

After we’ve had our fill of canucks we’ll come back down the west coast, stopping for our first visits to Seattle and San Francisco.

For those wondering, this is just the warm-up leg of our BIG trip still in the works. We imagine we’ll embark for that adventure a few weeks after our return from the road trip.

I’ll be updating as frequently as the road allows.


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