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My Cliche Travel Blog

This blog is intended for the family and friends that care enough to follow the journey in which Wendy and I are about to embark. While I doubt there will be timeless insights or proverbs to absorb from our upcoming travels, I do trust that it will be an adventure. An adventure born of wanderlust and curiosity.

To catch those up who have not been in earshot lately, I’ve recently resigned my position as a producer for Blizzard Entertainment’s Online Technologies department to pursue a life of travel. We hope for a road of experience, culture, language, international cuisine, but most importantly a road of personal fulfillment and self-awareness.

Neither Wendy or I believe we’ve found our true callings, so we strike out into the great unknown to find ourselves and find our happiness. As my Uncle Bob calls it, a “trip of discovery”.

The course has yet to be plotted, but we aim to begin the trip some time in late-March in Amsterdam, to Spain and on to Italy. We’re not limiting ourselves to a set timeline for each. We’ll simply float, stay as long as we enjoy the surroundings and move on when we’re ready.

We aren’t the first to take this leap and we definitely will not be the last.

The decision was not an easy one to make. With a laundry list of logical counter-points to consider (departing a comfortable paying job with benefits, shitty economy, worried mother) and a host of even more irrational fears (a Spaniard stealing Wendy, dirty socks and dirtier underwear) there was really only one choice – close my eyes and jump.

This strategy came easier to Wendy than myself, as I’ve created a structured world of risk-free decision making, with little fear of long-term consequences, for myself. Unfortunately, this means a sheltered life of inexperience and boredom. How can one achieve great things if they aren’t willing to risk anything?

It’s with this question in mind that I close my eyes and jump from the realm of security to a wider and richer world of uncertainty.

My last day with Blizzard is January 7th. The following day I’ll celebrate my 28th birthday with great friends and mentally mark the occasion as a milestone to remember. A turning point in which I shed the plush prison I unwittingly erected for myself somewhere along the way.

Hopefully the first of many milestones.

Follow along if you’d like and take from it what you will.


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